Wednesday, May 18, 2016

AT&T’s new Aio Wireless prepaid brand goes nationwide mid-September

Responding to pressure from T-Mobile, AT&T in Mayannounced Aio Wirelelss. The new wireless prepaid brand ftures data plans starting as low as $40 a month for 250MB and all the way up to $70 a month for seven gigabytes of high-speed data.After having tested the service in Florida, Texas and Atlanta markets, AT&T said Friday that Aio Wireless will be available online to everyone beginning mid-September. And to raise awareness, AT&T is planning to give new customers their third month of service free.More on that after the brk…If you activate your Aio (as in ‘All In One) account by September 29, 2014, AT&T will trt you to a free third month of service. This per-customer offer applies only to new customers who agree to purchase of two consecutive months of service on a qualifying rate plan.This entails Aio’s Basic, Smart and Pro rate plans and excludes ftures or other services. Eligible customers will receive an account credit approximately five days prior to the payment due date for the third month of service.AT&T on Friday confirmedthat Aio is currently available in Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta markets, via 200+ dler-owned Aio stores and through the Aio website, with folks in the Chicago ar currently able to activate theAio service online.Prepaid Aio plans include $40/$55/$70 tiers (pricing varies by market) with unlimited talk/text and 250MB/2GB/7GB of data. Customers can also activate a bunch of other options in between.Aio offers a bunch of devices from , , and others. Like T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plans, you can also bring your own phone or even trade-in a qualifying device for a credit towards an upgraded phone or accessory.Aio brand initially did not include access to AT&T’s fast LTE network in the United States – only 3G HSPA+ data was supported – but the company has changed its stance: the press relse confirms Aio plans are available“with a pre-established amount of high-speed access, including 4G LTE”.Curiously enough, Aio’s prices come in lower than AT&T’s existingGoPhone prepaid servicethat sets you back $65 a month for unlimited voice/text, though just a gigabyte of data.By comparison,T-Mobile is offeringunlimited voice/text and two and a half gigabytes of throttled LTE data for $60 a month. For those who don’t care about carrier minutes (hint: Skype), T-Mobile has an affordable $30 a month plan that comes with unlimited text, 100 voice minutes and five gigabytes of 4G LTE data – it’s a stl.Although the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier continues totrail behind Verizonin terms of LTE coverage, its network apprs faster inrecent studies.Are you sold on Aio yet?

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