Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Google+ Photos app for Chromebooks coming soon to Mac

Back in June,Google relsed a new Google+ Photos appfor the Chromebook Pixel and noted that the slick app would also be coming to other Chrome OS devices. However, today we get some proof that the Chrome app might be soon making its way to other platforms including Mac and .The Google Operating System blog notesthat the app has recently made its way to the Chrome Web Store,with the app’s description describing auto-upload ftures for Mac, PC, and Linux:
The app isavailable in the Chrome Web Store. If you switch toFrench(or any language other than English), the app’s description changes and it revls something interesting:Google+ Photos will currently instantly upload all .jpg files from the default pictures folder on your computer every time it is run. These directories include: XP: C:\Users\yourname\Pictures 7: C:\My Documents\yourname\My PicturesLinux: /home/yourname/PicturesMac: /Users/yourname/Pictures
Unfortunately the app is not yet working on Mac or . After installing, launching it gives the following error message:The app is still available to downloadthrough Google’s Pixel site, and is currently listed as “only available for the Chromebook Pixel,” but the description seems to indie versions for Mac and PC are on the way.

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