Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Suspicious plastic iPhone backplate with certifiion markings surfaces

Here’s a nice little nugget naysayers should chew on. A photograph that surfaced on a Chinese website rlier today apprs to seemingly depict a plastic chassis, presumably belonging to ’s rumoredless-pricey iPhonemodel.Now, we’ve seen these things previously shown off extensively in ahigh-resolution ,hires close upsand a bunch of previously publishedphotographs. What distinguishes thisparticular “” from others are the certifiion markings on the back – and that’san unexpected trt in my book…As first noted, the photo emerged in a post over atWeibo, China’s popular micro-blogging service.As you can see for yourself top of post, the plastic backplate shows the iPhone logo as well as notices and markings from the FCC and other certifiion authorities.The previous s only had the iPhone logo imprinted on the back, have a look below.Here’s another one.
The plastic iPhone vs iPhone 5 byMichael Kukielkaon Instagram, viaChris Herbert.You’re advised to take this with a grain of salt.For starters, the iPhone typeface on back (the shot top of post) looks a little bit thicker compared to the previous s, though it’s difficult to tell for sure due to the sharp angle of the shot.For all we know, this could be a 3D-printed practical joke of someone with too much time on their hands. Also worth mentioning: the markings suggest certifiion bodies such as FCC had alrdy approved the device.We’re expecting both theiPhone 5Sand the rumoredbudget iPhonround theSeptember-October timeframe. Now, somewatchers speculate might drop the iPhone 5 after the new models arrive so the simplified lineup should include only the ‘iPhone 5S’ and the ‘iPhone lite’,chapparentlyavailableinseveraldifferentcolors.This makes a lot of sense to me.The ‘iPhone lite’ (or budget iPhone) is thought to be amid-tier devicerather than a a bargain basement c iPhone. As such, it should effectively replace ’s older devices – the $450 iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S – to become the new entry-level choice tailored to budget-minded consumers.

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