Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fake Products caught in the Mall sold as authentic factory replacements

Anews reportout of Baltimore demonstrates the level of counterfeit products that are being sold right under our noses in malls, some of which undoubtedly share space with an said they raided the Cyberion store and the ST Tech Pros kiosk last Friday and recovered hundreds of fake products that were being sold as authentic factory replacements.”These organizations that make these products are using substandard materials. They are doing everything they can to make them look like the rl thing,” said Greg Shipley with the Maryland State Police.While this particular bust may have been an isolated incident, if you’ve been to a US mall in the past few yrs, you’ve likely seen kiosks with fake products. They are everywhere.The items recovered from the Baltimore Mall included:
24 i and the colored fronts and backings that go with themCellphone conversion kitsiPhone and iPad covers product ID stickersiPad replacement screensVarious internal iPhone parts.Packaging materials, equipment used to design and print those materialsComputer equipment believed to be used to clone .“Our investigators believe that they were acting as some type of authorized repair shop and they were taking and replacing them with interior parts that were inferior, that were fake, that were not products,” Shipley said.According to the report, an representative helped with the investigation by confirming that the products were indeed counterfeit. The estimated value of all the items was more than $89,000.A counterfeit AC adapter is believed to be responsible for theelectrocution dth of a Chinese woman. responded to the situation by offeringUSB power replacements for people who unknowingly bought counterfeits.

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