Wednesday, May 18, 2016

to discontinue iPhone 5 alongside budget, 5S launch

A new report out of Kor today claims that is goingto be discontinuing production of the iPhone 5 this fall, transferring all of its efforts to its next eration flagship handset,the iPhone 5S, and the long-rumored ‘budget iPhone.’Citing ‘industry partners’ with knowledge of the situation, ETNews is reporting this afternoon that has asked its supply chain partners to wind down iPhone 5 production. And, according to the report, it plans to halt it altogether this fall…The move would certainly mark a major departure from ’s usual routine, as the company has in yrs past kept the previous two erations of its smartphone in production alongside its new handset. But perhaps it doesn’t need to this time.Look at the current iPhone lineup. sells the iPhone 5 starting at $199, the iPhone 4S at $99 and offers the iPhone 4 for free (with contracts of course). Maybe, though, feels it can rch the low-end markets with its new budget iPhone.
But today’s report says ’s rsoning for discontinuing the iPhone 5 is just as much of a production strategy as it is anything else.ETNewssays thatthe in-cell techused in the iPhone 5′s touchscreen isn’t suitable for “low volume” production.That’s odd, because the iPhone 5S is widely expected to be an almost exact replica of its predecessor, with only internal changes. But again, maybe is confident enough in the budget iPhone’s future that it’s changing stuff up to accommodate it.Here’s a hands-on with what is believed to be the budget iPhone’s plastic shell:For those who haven’t been keeping up with the low cost iPhone reports, they’ve all been very consistent, pointing to a device made of plastic and metal. The design resembles the iPhone 5, with rounded edges, and it’s believed to be priced around $300.Needless to say, it’s expected to be a huge hit.So what does all of this mn? It’s hard to say. While I wouldn’t be surprised to see discontinue the iPhone 4 and 4S this yr—as it moves towards an all-Lightning lineup—it’s hard to imagine that it’d discontinue itsmost popular (by far) handset.But hey, I guess that’s what speculation is for. What do you think, does keep or get rid of the iPhone 5 this yr?

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