Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Canary aims to be home security for all of us

iOS continues to change modern livingfor the better by improving upon the connected home id through various innovative app-enabled accessories from third-parties, like the butiful and smartNest thermostat,thelit light bulbsand clever locks by the likes ofJawbonndKwikset, to name just a few.Canary,“the world’s first smartphone security device for everyone”by a New York-based startup, promises to beef up your home security by bringing motion detection, push alerts, strming spycam and other goodies to your iPhone by way of a IndieGoGo crowd-funded project.
The stylish device, reminiscent of Jony Ive’s industrial design work, comes packed with a 720p HD camera, wide angle lens, Wi-Fi connectivity and smart sensors that detect motion, and is sy to set up on your mobile device. I’ve included a promotional for your viewing plsure just after the brk…Here it is.According to the project’s IndieGoGo web page:Canary is a single device that contains an HD camera and multiple sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity to help keep you, your family and your home safe.It works in conjunction with an iOS or Android device and alerts you of sudden temperature changes possibly indiing a fire,the sound and movement that could mn an intrusion and so forth. When you notice an out of ordinary activity at your home, the app lets youtext someone to check in, call the police or sound a nasty siren in the hope of scaring the burglar away.Akin to the lit Nest thermostat, Canary gets smarter over time as itlrns your home’s rhythms to send you smarter alerts, resulting infewer false alarms. Users are able to installup to four Canary devices in one loion that connect through the app.Design-wise, the six inches tall and three inches wide appliance looks like something out ofNest’s(or Jony Ive’s) kitchen.In terms of hardware, the gizmo packs in a 720p camera with night vision and wide angle lens, Wi-Fi connectivity, a high-quality mic, motion detection (passive infrared), a spker, a powerful siren, a three-axis accelerometer and sensors that msure temperature, humidity and air quality.They are planning on introducing optional premium service plans (contract-free) after the products ship. These will include a 24-hour call-center backup (it canalert the authorities in case of burglary if you’re unable to respond immediately)and storing events over a longer period of time (by default, Canary logs eventson its servers for several weeks).Available in Matte Black, Classic White and Silver, the $199 device will start shipping in January 2014.The IndieGoGo campaign is seeking toraise $100,000, ending on September 20. rly backers geta $50 discount so hd over to the project’sIndieGoGo web pagnd decide for yourself.

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