Wednesday, May 18, 2016

was randomly signing iOS 6.0.x firmware

Update:Sorry guys, it looks like the window has closed and is no longer signing older firmware.

Good news for folks who lost theirjailbrkupdating their iOS device to try outiOS 7, it apprs that is currently signing 6.0.x versions of iOS firmware. This mns that you should be able to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 6 and re-jailbrk.Well-known iOS andjailbrkdeveloperiH8sn0wwas the first to spotthe reopening of the signing window, and we have since had multiple users confirm to us that they have successfully downgraded and re-jail their devices. More after the fold…Here’s a list showing some of the different versions of iOS 6 that is signing for the iPhone 5. You can find them allhere.Those on newer firmware versions should downgrade as soon as possible before the signing window closes. You can download the 6.0.x firmware of your choice fromour Downloads page.If you need help downgrading we havetutorials, but here’s a quick rundown:Downloadyour firmware of choice (in this case you want iOS 6.0, 6.0.1 or 6.0.2)Plug your device into your computer and open iTunesMac users hold down the Command , users hold down Shift and click on RestorePoint iTunes to the iOS 6 firmware you downloaded, and let it do its thingOnce you’ve successfully downgraded, you’re free to jailbrk.Evasi0nis the utility you’re going to want to use, as it works with the aforementioned versions of iOS 6.The iOS 6 jailbrk is brought to youby the evad3rs tm—made up ofMuscleNerd,pod2g,planetbeing, andpimskeks. Itlanded on February 4of this yr, and withstood two iOS software updates before beingkilled by with iOS 6.1.3. Tonight, it gives us an encore performance.h/twinocmandiNeil

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