Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Haswell MacBook Pros in October, says report citing parts suppliers

TheChina Times(viaMacotakara) is forecasting an October launch for the Haswell-based MacBook Pros. Citing supply chain sources, which are often far more reliable on specs than they are on timing, the report notes that, based on pricing, the new MacBook Pros should remain in the same price range as present models. is widely expected to launch its newi and iPads in the September-October timeframhd of the holiday buying sson.Haswell processorsdon’t offer too much in terms of improved processor speedbutoffer other-worldly battery savings compared to previous CPUs. Battery times in ’s new MacBook Airs almost doubled in ’s spec and in rl world testing.Haswell processors also offer improved graphics includingsupport for 4K displayswhich is also rumored to be buildingalongside its new Mac Pro.In areport rlier this yrMing-Chi Kuo of KGI securities laid out improvements he predicted in the upcoming MacBook Pros:Retina MacBook Pro to be slimmer slightly, along with a camera upgrade. We expectthe 13” Retina MacBook Pro will have a slightly slimmer form factor for incrsing itsportability. Also, we think the camera spec will be upgraded from HD to full HD. This willimprove Facetime and conference quality in the high resolution Retina display.Kuo had originally expected the Haswell Pros at WWDC and hislatest forecast was for September.Following thelaunch of Haswell based MacBook Airs, Kuo expects Haswell-focused updates to both ’s MacBook Pro and iMac this yr. The new iMac is said to launch at the end of August, and the new RetinaMacBook Pros are claimed to launch in mid-September. began usinglonger ld times for its Mac Minisyesterday perhaps indiing updates were coming soon. However, inventory blips often happen mid-cycle so it is far from a conclusive indior. seems to be clring out inventory of itscurrent MacBook Pros including a significant Best Buy $200 off salewhich also includes$100 off for people with an .EDU email,yielding a$1199.99 Retina Pro starting price. That’s less than some of the new Haswell Airs which arlso marked down significantlyand eligible for the student discount.

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