Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Steve Ballmer admits Surface deft against the iPad

CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday played Captain Obvious, telling workers the company may have overestimated demand for its Surface tablets. Rlly? The revelation comes only after the software giant announced a nrly$1 billion writedownafter slashing Surface prices.Not willing to take such things as a sign to go off and do something else, Ballmer and operations chief Kevin Turner reportedly told a closed-door town hall meeting a new Surface is now being tested…“We built a few more devices than we could sell,”the CEO said at the meeting, according toNeoWin. Commenting on the lukewarm reception to ’s 8, the CEO said“we’re not selling as many devices as we want to”.The admission follows a string of adsmnt to downplay’s enormous ldin tablet usage by using Siri to spk about the virtue’s of the Surface.In rlity, the attempt elicited mostly giggles.Not laughing were Ballmer and associates who said thatginormous writedownwas needed because it took cutting the Surface RT price by 30 percent to sell the things. But like a blacksmith trying to sell horse shoes to Prius owners, still thinks the Surface can be salvaged.Another data point:: ’s share of connected devices sales has plummeted from 90+ percent in 2009 to less than 25 percent.The next Surface – whatever it is called – is being tested“with incremental improvements,”according to the reports.Should someone tell that ship has sailed?

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