Wednesday, May 18, 2016

T-Mobile USA Looking to Expand Product Offerings Beyond the iPhone

I haven’t forgotten whatT-Mobile said last December, that they would start selling products in 2013.“T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with to bring products to market together next yr,”the carrie’s parent Deutsche Telekom wrote in apress statement.Four months later, the nation’s fourth-largest telco finally landed the iPhone and is now looking to add additional products to the mix.According to its outspoken CEO John Legere, T-Mobile is looking forward to carrying“a whole array of product.”It’s kinda expected that T-Mobile should next start offering iPad and iPod touch devices, but the way he framed the sentence sounds like the company may be eyeing non-iOS devices, too, such as Mac notebooks and perhaps even ’s AirPlay wireless appliances…Ina Fried, reporting forAllThingsD, has a quote attributed to the T-Mobile CEO:I think there’s a whole array of products that we look forward to carrying. We will expand what we offer from them.And expand they will, that’s for sure.Since landing the iPhone 5, the carrier has managed to revert the customer defection trend.During the June quarter,T-Mobile reportedits strongest customer growth in four yrs, adding 685,000 branded postpaid , 1.1 million customers altogether and selling 4.3 million smart, a whopping 71 percent annual incrse.Though it wouldn’t say exactly how many of those 4.3 million smart were i, T-Mobile revled the iconic handset accounted for approximately 29 percent of its branded gross customer additions and upgrade smartphone sales, which is excellent.Astudybythe Consumer lice Resrch Partners has estimated thatlanding the iPhone saved T-Mobile from losing at lst 300,000 customers as one out of ch four customers said theywere looking to jump ship before lrning about the iPhone.

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