Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Launches New Surface RT vs. iPad Ad Highlighting iPad Shortcomings

Wow, there’s just no stopping ’s marketing people in their anti-iPad crusade.As it’s doneseveral times this summer, the giantyesterday posteda Surface commercial which predictably takes swipes at ’s full-size iPad, criticizing its $499 asking price, lack of SD card slot and limited compatibility (go figure).You’d have think ’s ad acy would not relse another iPad bashing commercial until next week. Much to our surprise, however, a mere 24 hours later a new commercial has surfaced on YouTube, this time on ’ss channel.And for the first time, the software giant is targeting the iPad mini by pitting ’s 8.1-inch Iconia W3 tablet against ’s popular 7.9-inch $329 device. I’ve included the ad for your viewing plsure right after the brk…“The competition just got smaller,”YouTube description rds.Here, have a look.Wait, we can’t play games on the iPad mini?This is rlly a continuation of a theme prevalent in the previous Surface ads.That being said, I’m not so sure is doing itself any favor by painting the iPad overpriced while insisting that 8 tablets are rl computers.If price, compatibility and ability to run legacy apps were determining factors, then would have been the king of the hill rather than an also-ran.Anyway, what did you think of this commercial?

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