Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stores to push Macs to businesses with new Parallels/ 8 demos

is pushing its business-focused Retail salespeople to sell Macs to businesses currently running in environments, according to retail employees briefed on the new initiative. Retail Stores, in their business/professional sections, will now have a 27-inch iMac prepared with theParallels Virtualization Softwarnd’s 8 operating system.Select Retail employees will also be trained on theParallelsand software, and special Parallels demos have been crted for Stores. The goal of this new initiative is to push employees to be able to show businesses that currently work on that all purposes of could either be replaced or used (with Parallels) on a Mac computer.For a of yrs, has pushed rsons how a Mac could replace a PC. This was heralded mainly via ’s Mac vs. PC ads. This new retail campaign, instd, focuses on the Mac operating system and working together. wants to lve no room for business customers to not know that they could switch to a Mac computer…
’s website has long had awebpagethat discusses how users could run appliions on Macs. In the mid-2000s, ftured on Macs in its stores to promote OS X’s then-new Boot Camp fture.Boot Campallows Mac users to install and fully run the operating system without OS X being visible.Parallels, instd, lets the Mac and operating systems run side-by-side simultaneously. Over the past few yrs, these in-store Macs with and Boot Camp have been removed.This fall, plans to relse a slew of new Macs that could see interest from business and professional users. These launchesinclude a redesigned Mac Pro, andfaster MacBook Pros and iMacs. In the nr future,we previously reported, Parallels will upgrade its software with new ftures. A tipster, today, has also let us know that a reference to the new Parallels hasappred on MacMall. Also of potential interest to Mac business and professional users, OS X Mavericks will be relsed this fall withimproved file managementandappliion window sorting tools.In addition to this Mac push, is moving tohvily promote iPhone sales in its stores., this week,has also begun a new business apps-focused iPad campaign.

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