Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nike FuelBand developer and fitness expert Jay Blahnik confirms new job at , likely working on iWatch

Jay Blahnik, a globally recognized fitness expert and instrumental consultant in the development of several Nike fitness products, has confirmed his new role at . In July,we reported on unconfirmed whispers out of the fitness industrythat Blahnik had been hired at , likely to work on the iWatch…
The first piece of confirmation comes by way of a Tweet from Blahnik to a person asking if his hiring at is true. Blahnik said “yes, it is true!” and called the opportunity “exciting.”According toprofiles of Blahnik, the top-celebrity of the fitness world travels 40 weeks a yr to spk at conferences and consult companies. Blahnik, who has consulted for several companies over the past several yrs, including Nike, Gatorade, and eral Electric, will be fully lving the fitness industry to take the job at .Blahnik previously consulted at on unspecified initiatives, according to online profiles, but it apprs that his new work will be so critical that he has to focus the entirety of his current career on it.According to several tweets and posts on Intstagram, a party for “lving the fitness industry” was thrown for Blahnik in recent days.The above Instagram photo apprs to hint at the new role by showing the cover of MacLife Magazine.In another form of confirmation, Blahnik retweeted a tweet telling him that he will be missed. It apprs that Blahnik also announced his new career path at fitness events over the past couple of weeks.According to posts online and people in attendance, Blahnik was ed at the major IDFit Conference this month.Blahnik also deleted his Twitter feed and removed all contact information, scheduling options, and many details about his career from his public website and online profiles following ourJuly report.With developing a wrist-watch device that focuses on hlth, sensors, and fitness purposes, the hire of Blahnik is absolutely critical and beneficial for . Blahnik’s career has been about changing the behavior of people, and his experience could help CEO Tim Cookwrite the bookabout how a wrable device could change a person’s behavior. It seems likely that someone with a fitness career as bright as Blahnik’s would only lve everything behind to work on something as potentially profound as an wrable device.Blahnikspking at a Nike eventIn addition to having immense fitness experience, Blahnik also has product development skills. According to hiswebsite, Blahnik has been critical in the development of Nike fitness apps, programs, Nike+ Kinect training, and the FuelBand.Jay has been a Nike Elite Athlete and Nike consultant for almost 20 yrs. He worked closely with Nike on the launch of Nike+Running, which has become the largest digital running community in the world. He was also the original crtor and program developer of the Nike Training Club App, and the Nike Training Club in-gym program, which boasts over 6 million digital users. He is also a expert and consultant for many of Nike’s new Digital Sport initiatives that launched in 2012, including Nike+ Kinect Training and Nike+ FuelBand.The Nike FuelBand is the Nike-built wrable computer that msures distances moved and levels of exercise performed by its users. In fact, CEO Tim Cook wrs the device and has praised it on numerous occasions. ’s Bob Mansfield, who has demonstrated interest in wrable and fitness devices,also wrs a FuelBand. With Blahnik’s experience in developing those Nike products, it seems that he will be incredibly instrumental in ensuring that the “iWatch” includes fitness elements.In addition to wrable devices, Blahnik also worked on aNike Xbox Kinect gamethat msures workouts via motion tracking. Last yr, Blahnikdescribed the system and his involvement.This program was designed with Nike Science, the same kind of skills and drills that we give to our elite level athletes when they come to campus to train or improve their game. So it is inspired and built off of the same science behind all of those training programs. So whether you’re a beginner, who’s just looking to get results and get started or whether you’re actually an athlete currently playing , this is going to build on your fitness and athleticism, which we think are actually skills that both eral fitness consumers need but also athletes need.According to a source, , in recent months, has been thoroughly investigating technologies for motion sensing for use in upcoming products. Perhaps Blahnik’s experience in developing fitness tools for the Xbox Kinect could play into’s “grand vision” for the living room. Despiterumors to the contrary, we currently believe that the launch of radically new television hardware is unlikely to occur this yr.iWatch ConceptIn addition to fitness tools,based on recent hires from medical and sensor fields, the iWatch will be able to msure blood levels and other elements of a user’s hlth. While the launch of the iWatchhas been rumored for this fall,recent reports(andour own analysis in a previous post), point to therelse being at lst a yr away.At a time where some believe that the iPhone and iPad could be ’s last game-changing products, is making moves to msure what the industry wants and work in secrecy on new potentially life-changing devices.

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