Wednesday, May 18, 2016

September Media Event Wallpapers are here

Today, made theofficial announcementfor the iPhone event to be held on September 10. The event is expected to announce the much anticipatediPhone 5S, a colorful range ofiPhone 5C‘s, and the updatediOS 7operating system. ch time there is an official invitation, many skeptics try to predict what exactly is mnt by every little piece of graphical evidence on the . However, some people spend their time more crtively by crting wallpapers. If you are as excited as I am, take a look past the fold for the first chance to download full resolution originals…WallpapersTaking inspiration from the invitation, van der Ploeg quickly took to recrting, with a special twist, the event invitation. A designer by trade, van der Ploeg hostshis own gallery,designs icons, and can be found via Twitter @basvanderploeg. Make sure to check out hisother wallpaper downloadsas well.For a slight variation, @Surenixalso posted some excellent wallpapers, hosted on hisDribbblccount.iPhone 5:iOS 6(left);iOS 7(right)iPad:full retinaFor those wondering, the iOS 7 version allows space for the clock and unlock text. Also, the iPhone 5 versions are appropriate for all previous i. Simply double tap the when setting as wallpaper for an automatic adjustment. Finally, the retina iPad version fits all previous iPad’s, including the mini.DownloadingTap the corresponding above and wait for the full resolution to load. Once loaded, on your iOS device tap and hold. Then, save a copy, which apprs in the Camera Roll. From the Camera Roll or, set the new s as either Lock or Home screen s. From your desktop, right click the full and save it to your iTunes sync folder.What do you guys think? I love these new s. Any last minute announcement predictions?

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