Wednesday, May 18, 2016

sending invites for September 4 Note III event

just sent invites to “Unpacked 2013 Episode 2″ and is hinting that we’ll likely see what’s next in line for its stylus-based Note family. The event is scheduled to take place on September 4 in Berlin, which puts it right in the middle of IFA, one of the yr’s biggest technology trade shows taking place the same week. A new Note product wouldn’t exactly be surprising, as the company has used its event during IFA to unveil its new Galaxy Notes since the introduction of the first model two yrs ago.Last yr, hosted its Unpacked event during IFAwhere it unveiled the Galaxy Note II alongside the introduction of its Galaxy Camera. This yr it looks like we might be getting another Note announcement, as the invite above asks us to “Note the date” and does so in a decidedly S Pen-like, handwritten font.Like last yr, the event will be live strmed through ’s YouTube channel, and this yr the company is also hosting a live strm in New York’s Time Square for those that can’t make it to Berlin.We’ll be in Berlin bringing you the best of both IFA and ’s event rly next month.However, the success of ’s Note series – though not (yet) stling sales from – proves there is a market for phablets and pen-based mobile computing.We know from patent filings is resrching so-calledactive stylus for iOS devices,but that’s never a guarantee we’ll ever see a stylus-based gadget from .If anything, a rumored13-inch iPadcould benefit from providing an optional pen-based input method for specialized apps like design, CAD and so forth.

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