Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Results state: 1 out of 4 US smart users has an iPhone

America is now a smartphone nation and the iPhone is incrsingly becoming the favored device. Smart now account for 56 percent of cell in the United States. That’s up nrly ten points from a yr ago, according to a new Pew Resrch poll. Additionally, the iPhone is used by 25 percent of US smartphone owners – or one out of ch four smartphone owners in the country.That’s a notable six-point incrse from nineteen percent a yr ago. The rise in US smart mirrors a drop in fture , which fell to 35 percent. Just nine percent of US adults do not own a cellphone…The iPhone’s gains were recorded between May 2011 and May 2013 by the Pew Resrch Center’sInternet and Life Project.The advance is at the expense of BlackBerry, which showed a decrse from ten percent in 2011 to 4 percent in 2013. Likewise, ’s Phone market share has fallen from a tiny two percent in 2011 to barely a blip of one percent this yr.In the race between and Android, the competition in the US is starting to swing Google’s way. In 2011, the two rivals had a five point sprd, fifteen percent to ten percent, Android lding. By 2012, the gap had closed to one percent. By May 2013, Android is again widening its ld, this time 28 percent to 25 percent, according to Pew.While Android is nring the 30 percent market share, there are certain ars in which the iPhone excels, including income and eduion. Some 38 percent of US iPhone owners reported having completed at lst four yrs of college. By comparison, 29 percent of Android handset users had attained that level of eduion.Another demographic where the iPhone outperforms Android is income.Almost half (49 percent) of polled iPhone owners said they rned $150,000 or more. Some 40 percent of the poll rning $75,000 or more were iPhone users. Also, 25 percent of respondents who rn between $50,000 and $75,000 own an iPhone.

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