Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Canadian carrier Telus will discontinue 32 and 64GB iPhone 5 on September 28th, 16GB to remain on as mid-tier?

A new doc from Canadian carrier Telus (via MobileSyrup) shows that the carrier has plans to discontinue the iPhone 5 on September 28 just days after the next-eration i are rumored to launch. Although it would lend weight to the theory that could get rid of the iPhone 5 since the rumored iPhone 5S and especially the lower cost iPhone 5C are so close internally to the current device, the doc only shows that the 32GB and 64GB models will be discontinued, which might be a clue the 16GB iPhone 5 will stick around as an entry level model.Keeping the 16GB iPhone 5 seems toline up with what we’ve been hring at Verizonand adds even more weight to the theory that will keep the iPhone 5 around as a lower cost option perhaps in between the 5S and the 5C in much the same way that the last- iPhone 4S currently occupies the $99/plan spot in ’s lineup.On the other hand, often-accurateKGI analyst Mingchi Kuo saidrlier this month that he thinks will stop selling the iPhone 5 at the end of Q3 2013 and continuing selling the iPhone 4S until the end of the yr.yesterday sent out invites to the September 10th eventand is expected to start selling the iPhone 5S and 5C starting around the 20th of September.

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