Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Polls find users prefer iOS 7 design to iOS 6, fingerprint scanner to replace s

An online pollconductedby Polar compares user-interface elements from iOS 7 to the iOS 6 counterparts. Despite the outpour of criticism from some of iOS 7, these results show that an overwhelming amount of poll responders prefer the design of iOS 7 to iOS 6 and other previous iOS versions…The polls compared critical interface elements such as: the on/off switches, date picker, alerts, status bar, sliders, board, icon set, sharing, the Lock screen, and Notifiion Center.Results in favor of iOS 7 were present for ch comparison in the poll. Above is a chart detailing the results. The left side of the chart shows how many votes ch version of the interface element received. The right side shows a percentage brkdown. In total, iOS 7 received 72% preference compared to 28% for iOS 6.Some “landslide” preference for iOS 7 interface elements include Notifiion Center, the Lock Screen, and Tab bars. The iOS 6 interface elements that seem to still be preferred the most (albeit less than iOS 7 – according to this poll) are switches, the status bar, and tool bar.iOS 7 launches this fall with a completely new design that focuses on user-content, rather than on hvy, flashy user-interface elements. Polar previouslyconducted a pollof iOS Home screen icon set, and even though the iOS 7 icons have been highly criticized by many, many of the iOS 7 icons were preferred over their iOS 6 counterparts.Polar also hasstarted a pollin light ofrecent evidencndreports regarding a fingerprint sensorcoming to the next iPhone. While it seems likely that is planning to implement a biometric sensor in the new smartphone, the use-cases are so far unclr. We have hrd that the purpose will focus on the device, rather on a payment system (as some have claimed), and this new poll put overall “added security” hd-to-hd with using the sensor in place of a pass and a login.While this poll is still new, it seems that users would prefer such a sensor due to added login/passsword convenience (170 votes thus far), rather than for just tightening security and authentiion in eral (68 votes thus far).Of course, these unscientific, online polls are just the opinion of a minuscule slice of the hundreds of millions of iOS users. However, the user base of hundreds of people who participated in the poll is potentially a fair indior of the overall market’s opinion.

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