Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New High-Resolution Photos of Low-Cost iPhone Rr Shell Surface

Following afrom rlier this week that appred to show a partially assembled device,Sonny Dickson sharesnew alleged high resolution photos of the low-cost iPhone,potentiallynamed the iPhone 5C. A prominent poster on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, C Technology, also claims (viaphoneArena) the low-cost iPhone in China will be priced at 3000 yuan off contract, which is equivalent to $490 and in line with current pricing on the iPhone 4.

The photos show the shell from various angles, including views from the back and side of the device, as well as the shell's interior which includes a set of metal linings and screw holes. The s also appr to be consistent with previous allegedsightingsof the device, with notable ftures such as an8-megapixel camera,Lightning connector, spkers and flash for the phone.

The part apprs to be nrly identical topreviously seenin high-quality photos and a last month, with pin holes instd of full cut-outs for a of physical ftures like power/volume buttons and the SIM card slot.

Like other sightings of the device, the phone in these photos does not appr to have the required legal information and certifiions on its lower body, making it unclr as to whether this is a final version or a prototype, although such information is erally printed on the devices at different stages of production.

According to the most recentreport, is expected to launch the low-cost iPhone in rly September, alongside the upcoming the iPhone 5S.

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