Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Plastic iPhone dummy units show altered color palette including pink & yellowish-orange

As’s September 10th iPhone event approaches, speculation is rising in terms of what will announce.It seems clr that will launch a newiPhone 5S with a fingerprint scanner, a gold casing option, and animproved processor. It also seems likely that will finally take the wraps off of a lower-cost, plastic iPhone modelthat comes in multiple colors.
Even with the somewhatunbelievable amount of part ssurrounding thisso-called “iPhone 5C,”speculation in the form of physical mockups and dummy units continues to mount.Tinhtehas crteda series of dummy units for the plastic iPhone. Notably, these models are built to represent a color palette that is different than the one that has so far.Tinhteseems to believe that the colors in the s below could represent the actual colors of the new iPhone model (save for the black version).
Full gallery below provided by 9to5Mac:

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