Wednesday, May 18, 2016

News: September iPads, gold iPhone scratch tests, products in Iran, more

This morning, news is circulating regarding claims of a September iPad launch, gold iPhone 5S scratch tests, products being allowed to be imported into Iran, and potentially disrupting the way that mobile carriers work. Let’s take a look at ch of these claims…
1)First, is now rumored to revl its next-eration iPads alongside the new “iPhone 5S” and “iPhone 5C” at itsSeptember 10th media event.This is based on the following paragraph from today’sBloombergstoryabout anupcoming Tokyo Store:, based in Cupertino,California,plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet at a Sept. 10 event, a person familiar with the matter has said, and the company promised “several more game changers” in the product pipeline as it tries to fend off Electronics Co. (005930)and Chinese makers selling cer handsets.The above paragraph makes mention of both new i and iPads arriving at this upcoming event. First of all, it is highly unlikely thatBloombergwould bury such a scoop several paragraphs down in a story about a single new Retail Store ( alrdy has over 400 stores).This also directly contradicts areport from the very-well-sourcedBloomberg West.TheBloombergreport fromtwo weeks ago explicitly statesthat the next-eration iPads will be unveiledafterthe new i.The new iPhone will be unveiled at a Sept. 10 event, according to a person with knowledge of the plans who asked not to be named because the timing isn’t public. Updated iPad models, including an iPad with a thinner body design and an iPad mini with a high-resolution screenwill be unveiled later, two people said.It also contradicts everything we’ve hrd thus far about ’s fall iOS Device launch plans. plans to announce at lst two new iPads and two new i this fall, and it would be highly unprecedented for to revl all four models at a single media event. In fact, announced its 2012 i and iPads at two separate events: the iPhone 5 was unveiled at a September 12th event, and the new iPads were announced at an October 23rd event.Why would couple the launch of its two blockbuster products when it could own the news cycle for two consecutive months? They almost certainly would not.2)Next, gold iPhone scratches. A has made the rounds this morning showing “brutal” scratch testing to a purported gold iPhone 5S shell. The shows that the gold iPhone 5S scratches are much more noticble on the backplate than those to a slate/black iPhone 5 backplate. Of course, there’s no telling if the gold iPhone 5S shell is legitimate or if it is even properly anodized to ’s manufacturing requirements. Until someone does a scratch test on agold iPhone 5Ssold by , there is no way to tell how susceptible the device is to damage.3)Also making the rounds today is news of being granted the ability to sell products to customers for use in Iran. This is mostly old news. The United States embargo over bringing products into Iran was lifted onMay 30th of this yr, and updated its websiteto reflect this back in rly July. This is based on our srching through srch engine caches and web archives. Nonetheless, it seems that felt now was the best time tocomment on the matter.4)Lastly, news is sprding this morning regarding an trademarkfiling for the word “Startup” in Australia. Some havegone as far to saythat has trademarked this word to disrupt the global phone carrier industry.This is not true. “Startup” is a word that trademarked all the wayback in 2011in the United States. It refers to thr in Stores in which Personal Setup is conducted. This is theprocess in which an Store employee will help a new Mac and iOS Device customer with setting up their purchase.

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