Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iTunes tops Netflix, HBO Go and other strming services in customer satisfaction

When it comes to iTunes and strming, the service is often overlooked by iDevice owners because it is always there – no app is downloaded, no service subscribed. It is that ubiquity that apprs to have garnered iTunes high customer service satisfaction when it comes to strming .However, right on its heels are traditional strming operators, such as HBO Go and Netflix. But are we comparing s to oranges, since iTunes doesn’t strm content in rl-time on computers, giving consumers the false impression of superiority…The of consumers byForeSeefound that its panel rated iTunes 80, whileHBO Goand Netflix both rated 79. That slight ld was enough to get the press foaming at the mouth. Little noted in reviews is that consumers rated iTunes highly because of its lack of glitches during the strming.Here is how a press relse frames the issue:Users want fast page loads and are dissatisfied when error messages or playback issues occur. iTunes’ position on top makes sense, given that it bypasses these performance issues. The study finds that performance is the main driver of satisfaction for strming websites and apps. bypasses the issue of page speed and strming errors by requiring you to first download the or episode from their server to your computer.Then the complete is displayed (unless accessed from your ).By contrast, Netflix and others take the riskier path directly strming the directly from their server. ’s method counts on you overlooking the download time in exchange for nrly flawless playback. True strming services want your to begin seconds after hitting the “Play” button despite the possibility a playback glitch might happen.Despite the two vastly different “strming” models, hdlines blare that ’s iTunes bts the stuffing out of giants like Netflix.While I’m as happy to declare the superiority of as anyone, I think we need to be straight with our rders. Saying ’s iTunes handily wins in the strming egory bends the truth to the point of a pretzel-like shape.At some point, there needs to be a balance between simple click-bait and the facts.

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