Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iOS board to gain additional languages and scripts, job posts indie

Whenever I find myself entangled in another Android vs. iOS debate, Android’s liberalized board is unmistakably brought up as a argument playing to Google’s favor. Indeed, for the most part theiOS boardhas remained unchanged throughout the yrs, sans a few improvements here and there.That will change when iOS 7 comes this Fall as itmakes the iOS board smarterby introducing black and white theme, enhanced auto-correct that can fix misspellings in a combination of words and a few other small twks. While there are no signs of opening up the iOS board to third-party developers anytime soon, new job ads indie the company is working on adding support for additional languages and writing systems…Thejob listingspotted by Jordan Kahn of9to5Macrevls that is actively looking to add engineers to“work closely with international tms and native spkers to accommodate all the world’s script systems.”The job description mentions (emphasis mine):The iPhone and iPad boards revolutionized the way that people use their mobile devices to communie,and we’re only getting started!“The board architecture is constantly evolving as we continue to innovate and introduce brkthrough text input mechanisms for millions of users worldwide,”tses an ad for an engineer on ’s board and text tm.For what it’s worth, previously saidiOS 7 will bring“a Chinese-English bilingual dictionary, and improved Chinese input including handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters”.iOS currently supports more thanfifty languages and input methods, but there are still parts of the world where a localized board with spell checker remains absent so is probably looking to fill those holes going forward.While Siri partnerNuance hintedat iOS board discussions with ,there are no immediate indiions of ’s willingness to adoptthe popular Nuance-madeSwype for Android boardin iOS 7.At the same time, Android’s Swift makerTouchType opinedin an interview with AllThingsD that will have to open up board access in iOS sooner than later.“The most obvious API for them to open is the board, because it is the grtest wkness,”TouchType’smarketing boss Joe Braidwood said.And should decide to open up the iOS board, his company wouldport Swift for Android over to iOS in“a matter of a few months,”he said.Which brings me to my question of the day: are you satisfied with the stock iOS board experience relative to Android? And if not, how would you improve the experience if you were ?

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