Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Free content begins showing up in Store iOS app

Two weeks ago,we reported that would update its Store iOS app with the ability to receive free content. The app wasupdated a couple of weeks agoto lay the groundwork for this fture, and now free content has begun appring. Thefirst paid app (normally $0.99) for free is Color Zen, and will provide either a new app, piece of iTunes media content, or iBook ch week.The functionality works both in Stores and actually if you are not in a store. A user just needs to pull up a store inside of the app’s store panel (see above). When you click the free content option, you are taking to a screen to finalize your download.We previously reported that Store employees are instructed to install this appliion on a new iOS Device during Personal Setup (After a purchase). At aninternal event in San Fran last month, Tim Cook revled that only a small percentage of customers are aware of the app, but Cook wants to use the app as an element ofhis plan to boost iPhone sales in his stores.

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