Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Link: Heroes of Dragon Age IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Role-playing games are seemingly becoming all the rage on mobile. Followinglast December’s relseof BioWare’sBaldur’s Gate: Enhanced Editionand Guild Software’sMMORPGVendetta Onlinelaunchrlier in the yr, some of the biggest names in gaming have taken notice of the trend.For example, Wizards of the Coast justannouncedthe impending relse ofArena Of Warfor the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, theirfirst D&Dmobile game set in the fabledForgotten Rlmsuniverse.Not content with sitting on the sidelines and watching others monetize RPG fans, publisher Electronic Arts has tapped developer BioWare to deliverHeroes of Dragon Age, basicallya combat-focused spinoff of the famousDragon Ageseries…Spking toIGN, Executive Producer Jeferson Valadares said:We all like CCGs, RPGs, and squad-based tactics games, but they can be a little niche. The id for Heroes of Dragon Age was to take those ids and make them more strategic.We set out to make an accessible strategy RPG that takes full advantage of the Dragon Age universe’s cool characters and loions.Here’s the tser .Dragon Agewill fturemore than a hundred unique and upgradble characters with four different factions to choose from. ch character will havefour potential evolutions or variations and morewill be added via content updates, including those fromthe upcomingDragon Age: Inquisitionconsole relse.The game mechanics focuses on the planning stage where you construct your tm andpick its placement ahd of time as the battles play out automatically.“You might want to keep multiple squads on hand that are optimized to take down specific types of opponents, for example,”Valdares noted.Though a freemium title,Dragon Age won’tbe pay-to-win.“Everything is available just through playing – nothing is locked off,”Valdares says. Of course, players who spend money on upgrades will be able to incrse their odds of getting rare characters.Electronic Arts first tested the freemium waters withFebruary’s relseofRl Racing 3.Furthermore, the company is going to deploy thefreemium conceptacross its mobile FIFA titlesjust as it’s done withPlants vs Zombies 2.Thesuper publisher made the casefor free-to-play by announcing rlier today that its freemiumPlants vs. Zombies 2has been download sixteen million times since its App Storedebut last Thursday.Dragon Ageis coming to iOS and Android this Fall.To stay in the loop, keep tabs on theofficial Facebook page.

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