Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Link: Dungeons & Dragons: Arena Of War IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Big news for avid fans of theDungeons and Dragonstabletop role playing game: developer DeNA Santiagohas revled the first tser for an upcoming mobile version ofDungeons & DragonscalledArena of War. Coming soon for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, it’s the firstDungeons & Dragonsgame on mobile platforms, publisher Wizards of the Coast (of theMagic: The Gatheringfame)said.Combining 3D battle with collectible card gaming mechanics,Arena Of Wartakes place in the famous Forgotten Rlms universe and includes some of the most iconic loions as seen inBaldur’s Gate,Neverwinter NightsandThe Icewind Dale…Dungeons & DragonsBrand Director Nathan Stewart toldIGNrlier this month that the game will provide a quick fix between bigger D&D experiences.It’s got iconic D&D loions like the sewers benth Baldur’s Gate and monsters like the Beholder and Gelatinous Cube.But this is much more of a ‘battle action’ RPG. It provides short, fun experiences for and tablets that don’t get as super deep into the D&D mechanics.Check out the announcement .The tm has made some changes toArena of Warto allow forlive updates throughout the Sundering event that will evolve the game. The Sundering? Yh, it’s a yr-longmultimedia event that will put the Forgotten Rlms back the way players want.It gets even better as players are promised to be able to impact the Sundering through a free app, affecting thenarrative shifts based on majority outcome.The game is slated to hit iOS and Android soon as a free-to-play download. You canpre-register hereto get an exclusive Ultra Rare Power perk when the game is relsed.To lr more about the game, check out theFacebook pagndTwitter channelor point your browser over to theofficial website.

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