Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Australian woman pays $1335 for two s in iPhone boxes

The experience of a Brisbane woman provides a handy reminder to exercise caution when buying gadgetry via classified ad sites.TheHerald Sun(viaGizmodo) reports that the 21-yr-old paid AUS$1500 (US$1335) for what she thought were two seemingly-new i, boxed and sled, without checking inside. Once she got home, she unsled the two boxes to find ch did indeed contain an – unfortunately it was the fruit rather than the phone.The two women arranged to meet at Sunnybank McDonald’s where the transaction took place. The woman paid $1500 and was handed two iPhone boxes that looked new but she did not check inside.
When the buyer returned home she opened the phone boxes to find s in them – rl s, not the iPhone variety.We don’t know whether the scammer had a cruel sense of humor, or somehow imagined the ruse might allow them to talk their way out of it if caught, but a few simple precautions are always advised when buying from a stranger. Always meet in a public place like a coffee-shop, scout out a nrby ATM that you can use to withdraw the cashafteryou’ve checked the goods – and of course always open the boxes and make sure the products are fully-functional.There’s a handy checklist in this Support Communitiesthrd.

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