Wednesday, May 18, 2016

announces its September 10 iPhone event in Cupertino: ‘This should brighten everyone’s day’

has just sent out invites for their September 10th event, scheduled for 10 AM PST, viaThe Loop. is hosting the event on campus in Cupertino.The invite rffirms expectations that will launch two new models of iPhone for the first time, dubbed theiPhone 5Sand theiPhone 5C. As indied by the numerous case s over the last few months, the iPhone 5C is expected to be availablein a variety of colors. The invite seems to back this up, showing many different colored dots and uses the strapline “This should brighten everyone’s day”, which further hints at the possibility of different colors.For the 5S, the design will be similar to the current iPhone 5, with improved internals (such as afaster, more efficient A7 processor), a possiblefingerprint sensorand beoffered in a goldvariant, alongside the usual black and white color choices. will announce the official launch dates for these new devices at the event. ’s behaviour in the previous yrs would suggest that the new i will be available to buy on the 20th September, two weeks after their announcement. On Friday, we reported thatVerizon is blocking employee vaionsbetween the 18th and the 22nd of September, a very good indior that new i will be relsed in this timeframe.At the September event, is also likely review the final ftures ofiOS 7, including when the operating system will be relsed to the public. It is expected that will relse a gold master version of the redesigned OS for developers on the same day. New version of iWork for Mac and iOS may also be demoed, after beingannounced rly at WWDC.

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