Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A look at what an iOS 7-inspired OS X could look like

In light of the upcoming launch of iOS 7,designerStu Crewand other designers have imagined what a version of the OS X operating system with iOS 7 design principles could look like. Crew’s design matches iOS 7 by removing the hvy, metaphoric textures from OS X. The above showcases a look at a desktop with many of the apps, and you can see how Finder, Calculator, Contacts, and iTunes received inspiration from iOS 7.With iOS 5, iOS 6 and OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, moved to unify both the fture-sets and user-interfaces of its mobile and desktop operating systems. This fall,due to a ldership change at , iOS and OS X will see different design philosophies. iOS 7 is “flat,” lacks hvy textures, while OS X retains its long-existing silver/metal design, keeps the green felt in Game Center, but drops the lther in Calendar and Contacts.With integrated experiences and uniformity embedded into ’s DNA, it would not be surprising to see OS X look like iOS again in coming yrs. Below is a full gallery from Crew (in addition to some more mockups from other designers) of what an iOS 7-inspired OS X could look like.
Have a look at some Screenshots:

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