Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What to expect from 's 10 September event: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7, Mac Pro relse

If you’ve been patiently waiting for to launch its next iPhone, you might be excited to hr that is expected to unveil theiPhone 5Son 10 September at a special event.On 10 August, All Things Dreportedthat sources had confirmed the 10 September event, so here, we've rounded up the speculation about what we can expect from the special event.TheiPhone 5SVery likelyOk, so this first one is a bit obvious. 's 10 September iPhone event is pretty much guaranteed to bring us a brand newiPhone, and it's widely expected to be called theiPhone 5S.On the outside, the iPhone 5S probably won't look much different to the iPhone 5, but internally, it's likely to have significant spec boosts.We think that the iPhone 5S will have an improved camera, and it's likely to have a more powerful chip too, possibly the A7.It's also believed that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor built-in to the Home button, which would enable more iPhone security, idl for mobile payments, for example.iOS 7Very likelyIt's very likely that the iPhone 5S will come withiOS 7, which mns a roll out of the new mobile operating system will closely follow the iPhone 5S's unveiling.If doesn't relse iOS 7 to the public on 10 September, the company will tell us when we'll be able to download iOS 7 to our devices. Owners of older iPhone, iPad and iPod touches will be able to download iOS 7, so even if you're not planning to buy a new iPhone, the 10 September event could still be an exciting one for you.iOS 7 has been completely redesigned and there are numerous new ftures, so, those who install it on their older iOS device will be trted to anall-new experiencewhen they're using their iPhone or iPad.iPhone 5CVery likelyThere has been a lot of speculation about a cer iPhone model, which many expect will launch alongside the iPhone 5S at the 10 September event.Thislow-cost iPhone, dubbediPhone 5CoriPhone Lite, is rumoured to have a plastic rr shell and could be available in multiple colour options. There have been numerous sshowing components that allegedly belong to the cer iPhone.Mac OS X MavericksMaybeAllThingsD says that is expected to roll outOS X MavericksforMacowners "in the coming weeks," but notes that it's unlikely to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5S.This mns that the new operating system could arrive even sooner than the iPhone 5S, so we'll keep you updated about theMac OS X Mavericks relse dats soon as we find out more.New Mac ProLikely previewed an all-new Mac Pro at WWDC in June, and said that the new professional Mac would hit the shelves later this yr. Could 's 10 September event be the relse date? We're not sure, but we think it's possible that will shed some more light on when we can expect to see the Mac Pro in Stores.New iMacMaybeThe latest model of iMac is less than a yr old, but it's expected that will want to launch iMacs powered by 's new Haswell processors soon.The latest reports suggest that the Haswell-powered iMacs could be available for launch this month, but that will wait a few weeks before annoucning them. This could mn a 10 September announcement for the new iMacs.New MacBook ProMaybe could also be planning to unveilHaswell-powered Retina MacBook Prosat the 10 September event, according to the latest reports. added the Haswell processors to its MacBook Air range rlier this yr, so it's likely that will want to bring the MacBook Pro range in line with its Air range.The Haswell processors could help boost the graphics performance and battery life of the MacBooks.New iPadsUnlikelyAllThingsD's report makes no mention of theiPad 5oriPad mini 2, but both of 's tablets are expected to get an update this yr. We think that an October launch is more likely for the new iPad models.New Mac miniMaybeAnother possible Haswell update candidate is theMac mini, which was last updated in October. We haven't hrd much speculation about design changes or other specifiions but that doesn't rule out a 10 September update.iLife, iWorkMaybei,iPhoto,Garageband,Pages,notndshaven't had a significant update in yrs. However, we do know that is working on iWork in the Cloud, which is currently in beta, so it may officially launch on or around the 10 September special event.iWatch, iUnlikely has said thatit is working on"amazing" new products in "exciting new product egories," so many believe that aniWatchand an television are in the works. However, All Things D highlights that "there is no indiion either of those are close to debuting."We think that, if rlly is working on an iWatch andi, we'll be more likely to see the two new products unveiled in 2014.

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