Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WAPrivacy - (Cydia Twk) for Free

WAPrivacyis a cydia twk launched by omokasin the ModMyi repo for $1.0

The Information Provided by the developer on this twk is:

" WAPrivacy improves your privacy on WhatsApp Messenger (copyright of WhatsApp Inc). It includes many options to modify the appliion, such as spoof the Last Reset Date, disable the Send button (for Safety) etc.
WAPrivacy options:
Ask Before Every Call = Asks you to confirm every single call.Disable Rd Receipts = Other people will NOT see that you have rd their message.Disable Typing Indior = Other people will NOT see that you are typing (Works version lower than 2.10.1).Invisible Mode = Other contacts will see your instd of your nickname.Disable Landscape = Disables Lanscape in the appliion.Disable Broadcast Button = Come on, you know what it does :PDisable Send Button = You know what it does too :PDisable Logs = Disables crting logs and sending them to the company.Last Seen Unlimit = Unlimits Last Seen toggle.Last Reset: Never = Spoofs the Last Reset to "Never".Custom Texts = You can change the following text in the appliion:Received Messages Sent Messages Media Bytes Sent Media Bytes Received Message Bytes Sent Message Bytes Received Last Reset Date
Terms of Use - Copyright Information:

By using this Cydia Twk you agree that the developer has nothing to do with your actions. The twk was not made to harmanyone.
WAPrivacy does NOT use any written by WhatsApp and ALL copyright belongs to the WhatsApp Inc, includingthe "WhatsApp Messenger" appliion name , logo, trademark, etc.
I have not reversed their system OR protocol in any way. All data still remains encrypted and safe, and are sent like beforeinstalling this Cydia Twk."

WAPrivacy cydia twk is available for free in the repo:

WAPrivacy - (Cydia Twk) for FreeWAPrivacy - (Cydia Twk) for FreeWAPrivacy - (Cydia Twk) for FreeWAPrivacy - (Cydia Twk) for Free

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