Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The line starts forming outside ’s landmark Fifth Avenue glass cube store

Like every yr, this yr’s iPhone launch is expected to be the biggest ever for the Cupertino, California firm. Unlike past yrs, however, 2013 is the first time gets to relse two new i simultaneously, one a so-called S-upgrade to the existing iPhone 5 and the other essentially an iPhone 5 with a less-pricey polycarbonate plastic case.This change in tactics and the resulting flurry of media coverage apprs to have renewed interest in the smartphone. And while we’re certainly not expecting lines to stretch around whole blocks like in 2007, campers are alrdy lining up outside ’s flagship glass cube store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue…As the media hype machine shifts into high gr, die-hard fans are doing their part to ensure this yr’s iPhone relse goes down in history as’s most successful product launch ever.MacRumorspasses along an snapped up byJon MurphyofCincinnati-basedSellYourMacwho along with a colue arrived on the scene today toset up for a two-week campout, only to find other folks alrdy set up camps outsidethe iconic glass cube store.“Two other campers claimed their spots at the front of the line last night, settling in for the long wait,”author Eric Slivka writes.Another .Of course, these guys are in the business ofreusing, repurposing and recycling used products so this is a rather nice PR stunt to raise awareness about their company.At any rate, camping and standing in line is part of the folklore.On a related note, rly line sitters are often being paid to stand in the line. It’s one of the dirty little tricks brands like , and others resort to in order to crte a sense of a massive product launch .Professional line sitter Greg Packer, pictured below, comes to mind.
Greg Packer, 49, is cheered on as he celebrates with his newly purchased iPhone 5 in hand outside the Fifth Avenue store, Friday, September 21, 2012. Photo credit: AP Photo/John Minchillo.That being said – as MacRumors notes -the bar apprs to be continually being raised,“with campers now arriving even before has announced anything”. has scheduled amedia eventfor next Tuesday, September 10. Aseparate press conferenceis due on September 11, in Beijing, where pundits expect the formal unveiling of a landmark iPhone distribution agreement with China Mobile, the world’s top telco.The company is widely expected to announce theiPhone 5Sand themid-range iPhone 5 both media events, with the first wave of new devices hitting ’s markets ten days later,on Friday, September 20.

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