Wednesday, May 18, 2016

T-Mobile slashes down payment to zero bucks for all devices

T-Mobile USA today announced an awesome summer dl for smartphone buyers: zero dollars down for all devices, including ’s iPhone 5. Previously, buying an iPhone 5 from T-Mobile required a down payment of $149.99 plus 24 installments of $21 per month.With today’s announcement, smartphone buyers get their device free from T-Mobile and pay it off completely via monthly installments. In the case of the iPhone 5, you’ll be paying $27 per month for 24 months so you’re looking at a total cost of ownership of $648 over a two-yr period, plus of coursemonthly wireless service fees.’s Galaxy S4, ’s One and BlackBerry’s Q10 are available for $25 per month over 24 months. ’s Lumia 925 will set you back $20 per month for 24 months. The limited-time promotion is available starting tomorrow, July 27. Full details are right below…The outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legeresaid“the of rsons not to switch to T-Mobile this summer is zero”. The promotion includes T-Mobile’sentire lineup of high-end devices and is available at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide, via customer care andonline.New and existing“well-qualified consumers”(rd: credit check will be run) and small business customers can take advantage of the dl. fans, keep in mind that only the entry-level iPhone 5 with sixteen gigabytes of storage is available at the promotional price (16/32GB models are not available with $0 down payment).Here’s a selection of devices included in the promo:Should youcancel wireless service, the remaining balance on your device becomes due, the fine print notes. The promotion is not available in the District of Columbia. Prices exclude applicabletaxes and fees.When theiPhone 5 arrived on the T-Mobile networkon April 12, it cost $99 down plus$20 per month for 24 months. A month later, theUn-carrier incrsedthe down payment to $149.99,$50 more than before.In May, the Deutsche Telekom-owned telco was briefly offering theiPhone 5for the $0 down payment,with the trade-in of a valid mobile device.

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