Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Steve Jobs Once Considered Killing 's Pro Products

Ken Segall, the crtive director behind the Think Different campaign andauthor ofInsanely Simple, a book about his experiences crting advertising for , writes in a blog postabout 's "evolving view of 'Pro'"that Steve Jobs once considered killing 's entire line of Pro products.
Would ever even think about saying goodbye to the pro market?

I hope you’re sitting down for this, but Steve Jobs did in fact once consider that very option.

This was back in the days when iMac had established itself as a global bestseller. During one of the acy’s regular meetings with Steve, he shared that he was considering killing the pro products.

His rationale was as you might expect: consumer products have an unlimited upside, while pro products are aimed at a niche market that ts up major resources.
Jobs eventually decided to keep the pro products around, but in recent yrs has been shifting its pro products. For example, the company completely revamped its Final Cut editing suite, slashing the price and making it significantly simpler to use pro ftures -- though a vocal group of Final Cut Pro users wereunhappy with the changes.

The Mac Pro has gone three yrs without a significant update, though will,as promised, relse a completely redesigned Mac Prolater this yrthat is unlike any professional machine has made before.

Segaloes on to arguethat is pushing 'pros' in a new direction, saying that making software powerfulandsy-to-use for more customers is more important than making software that is simply powerful. He says that " is walking to a place that’s entirely new" with its new products, while "asking the pros to walk with them."

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