Wednesday, May 18, 2016

starts new campaign to push businesses to convert tools to iPad apps

has replaced its iPad in Business apps website with a new site that is much simpler and more direct. The new page highlights multiple specific use cases for which a business could use an iPad, then presents specific appliions to complete those tasks. The old website was more cluttered and less specific. TheiPhone version of ’s business apps websitestill showcases the older format…The egories of the highlighted iPad business apps are: accessing content, communiing points, capturing data, analyzing reports, and processing transactions.At the bottom of the new website, also includes several s of business owners discussing how they use the iPad within their respective companies. Besides highlighting apps for small businesses and personal productivity, highlights ways that major corporations have been adapting to the iPad.Some examples of companies include Hallmark, Energy, and Sonic Automotive. The most notable part about this campaign is that describes the company tools prior to iPad adoption and how the companies converted their tools to iPad apps. It seems that this new push is designed to demonstrate to businesses that the iPad could replace many of the legacy devices and technologies used by businesses today.The final section of ’s redesigned site for iPad business appliions highlights using custom-built appliions in the field. This portion of the website also highlights the ways that companies could distribute in-house apps to employees. The page also includes profiles of how major companies use in-house appliions, but the profile s have existed elsewhere on ’s website for at lst several months.

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