Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Silver iPad 5 Rr Shell Apprs in New Photos with iPad Mini Styling

Back in January, ahandful of photosof what was alleged to be the fifth-eration black iPad's rr shell surfaced, showing how the device would take design cues from the iPad mini to offer a smaller form factor with narrower side bezels and more rounded rr edges. Anadditional photoappred in late April, but otherwise s of the device's rr shell have been scarce. Avariety of casesdesigned to fit the expected iPad 5 form factor have also been appring in recent months.

FanaticFonenow sharessome new photos of an alleged fifth-eration iPad rr shell, this time in the silver color that would presumably be paired with a white display assembly as on the iPad mini. The photos highlight several ftures of the part, including separate volume buttons as opposed to the single rocker button on the current iPad, dual spkers flanking the device's Lightning port along the bottom edge, and a narrower lip for the display assembly than seen on the current iPad.

The report also claims that the logo on the part is silver as on the iPad mini, although it is not clrly shown in any photos. Only the black rr of the logo insert can be seen in a photo of the inside of the shell. A second photo of the shell's bottom edge shows a bit of the logo, but out of focus and at a significant angle, making it difficult to see.

's fifth-eration iPad isexpected to launchas soon as next month, with a new iPad mini with Retina display perhapsfollowing soon after.

Till then have a look at some more screenshots:

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