Wednesday, May 18, 2016

s of purported iPad 5 and plastic-low-cost iPhone shells hit the web

During ’squarterly rnings calllast month, Tim Cook saidthat the company had some “amazing new hardware” coming this fall. It’s something he’s mention several times over the past few months, and we’ve seen plenty of evidence to back it up.Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen a of purported part s for different rumored and anticipated products. And today, we’re adding to the pile.This morning, two new s hit the web of an alleged iPad 5 and the low-cost ‘iPhone 5C’…The clips come from notorious part and product-erSonny Dickson, who apprs to have spotted and reposted the s from Youku—an Asian version of YouTube. And, if legitimate, they show a partially assembled iPad 5 and the so-called budget iPhone.Let’s look at the iPad 5 first:Since late last yr, we’ve been hring reports thatthe fifth eration iPadwas going to fture a major hardware redesign, and everything we’ve hrd since then has corroborated that. The Chatter all points to a lighter, thinner tablet with a mini-like design.One interesting thing of note here is that unlike the part shown in photosrlier this week, which appred to have a silver logo, the rr shell in the above apprs to have a translucent logo. Don’t get too excited though, it’s still pre-production.Now for the purported ‘iPhone 5C’ clip:Just like with the iPad 5, reports and rumors regardingthe low-cost iPhonehave been very consistent. We lrnedback in Januaryof this yr that was planning on bringing a plastic handset to market, with a design likened to that of an iPhone 5 and iPod touch.And this report has since been backed up by a of [purported] plastic shells, which we’ve now seen in at lst 5 different colors. In fact, it’s believed that will call the handsetthe ‘iPhone 5C’or the ‘iPhone Color’ as a way to differentiate the device.Both products are expected to launch in the fall, alongside other refreshes. A new flagship iPhone, said to bethe iPhone 5S, is also on the menu, with an upgraded camera and built-in fingerprint sensor, as is anew iPad mini, which may or may not have a Retina display.What do you make of all of this so far?

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