Wednesday, May 18, 2016

s of alleged iPhone 5C packaging and manual hit the web

A new surfaced online this weekend, claiming to depict a dozeniPhone 5Cunits in their retail packaging. The phone, which is believed to be ’s long-rumoredbudget iPhone, is shown in a transparent box similar to that of theiPod touch.The was accompanied by two other photos, which also claim to show 5C packaging material. If legitimate, they offer a snk peek at the handset’s user manual, including a device diagramand legal information, and its SIM card ejection tool…9to5Macpoints to the three photos, which were originally posted byiApps.imand an anonymousWeibo user. The site notes that while it’s impossible to determine the legitimacy of the photos, the packaging does line up with past patterns and reports.Agreed. Back in July,similar white plastic boxeswith the name ‘iPhone 5C’ etched into the sideswere photographed—it was the first time that we saw the 5C moniker. It’s believed that the ‘C’ stands for color, as the phone will come in various colorways.And, as aforementioned, the packaging in the above photo lines up with that of the iPod touch. It’s also reminiscent of last yr’siPod nano boxes, where matched the color of the wallpaper in the faux Home screen with that of the device.As for the manual and the SIM card ejection tool, they seem to be consistent with the material offered in the packaging of ’s current i. However, because the photos are so blurry, it’s almost impossible to gln any information from the inserts.For those who haven’t been keeping up with the rumors, the iPhone 5C is expected to debut alongside the new iPhone 5Slater this month. It’s believed to have similar specs to that of the current iPhone 5, with a full retail price between $300 and $400.

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