Wednesday, May 18, 2016

's Revised Plans for New Flagship San Fran Store Will Keep Fountain, Twk Facades

Back in May, officials in San Franproudly touteda plan by to move its existing Stockton Street flagship store three blocks north, giving the store a larger footprint and a prime loion in the Union Square shopping district.

's original design for new San Fran flagship store
's plans quicklyran into resistance, however, with critics panning 's proposal to remove a sculptural fountain along Stockton Street and the design's 80-foot-long windowless wall along a pedestrian and transit corridor on Stockton. As the project proceeded through the city's planning process, officials made clr thatsignificant changeswould be needed for the project if it was to receive approval.

Asnoted by theSan Fran Chronicle, has now filed revised plans for the store, addressing the major criticisms of the project. Among the most prominent changes is a move to retain the fountain by noted sculpture artist Ruth Asawa, who died rlier this month. The fountain will be moved slightly, but will remain close to its current loion.

Ruth Asawa's "San Fran Fountain" that has now proposed keeping on the site
Another change for the project involves the addition of an eight-foot wide window along the Stockton Street frontage, extending from the sidewalk to the roof to brk up the massing and provide visual interest for those passing by. The window will also continue across the roof of the store to crte a skylight.
"We've been working with the city of San Fran as they review our ids for an Store on Union Square," spokeswoman Amy Bessette said Monday. "Our latest design includes a store with more natural light and a plaza on Stockton Street that includes the fountain by Ruth Asawa, just a few feet away from its current loion."A third change addresses planners' concerns about a monotonous glass wall along the main Post Street frontage, with now proposing to pull the glass wall back by four feet from the metal frame of the building, offering a grter sense of depth and more shadows for visual interest.

City officials quoted in the story seem plsed by 's proposed changes, although the project must still pass through full review before it can be approved. has not announced when it plans to open the new store, and any internal targets may yet be affected San Fran's frequently unpredictable review and permitting processes.

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