Wednesday, May 18, 2016

's Refurbished now available at 75$

Coincidentally or not, the online Store is now offering a refurbished third-eration (originally relsed in March 2012)with a twelve percent discount, bringing its price down to just $75. That’s $24 less than ’s standard $99 asking price and a $10 down from its previous refurbished price.A $75 certainly makes the set-top box more competitive in terms of pricing to Google’sjust-relsed Chromecast dongle, priced at just $35.There’s no comparing the two in terms of ftures: wheresGoogle’s device only strms web s (for now) from YouTube, Netflix and Google Play, ’s versatile gizmo includes AirPlay, a host of other ftures and certainlyway more content sourcessuch as HBO Go, Sky News, Hulu, ESPN, iTunes, Vimeo and more…The $75 refurbished (viaDan DeSilva) includes ’s standard one-yr warranty.Refurbished products have been factory tested and certified so they’re basically good as new. Interestingly enough, the refurbished version was an $85 value prior to today’s price cut.The Chromecast effect, perhaps?If it mns anything, the Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg called the Chromecast in hisreview“a winner,”unless you alrdy happen to own an .rlier in the month, issued thenew 5.3 softwarewhich includes Home screen access to Disney’s WatchESPN and HBO Go strming apps, as well as to UK’s Sky News, anime website Crunchyroll and music concert strming service Qello.The new a Flash (black) suite also replaces the media player with ‘Infuse for ’ while adding a host of nice-to-haves, such asbetter Dolby (AC3) audio, improved metadata fetching and better detection of subtitle encoding and more.For those unfamiliar with it, a Flashbasicallyenhances your with a web browser, a wther app, deep support for non- media file types and lots more.

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