Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Parts er puts iPad 5 front panel on iPad 5 back, 1% of the way to DIY iPad

After Sonny Dickson posted credible photos of an iPad 5 front panelyesterday, he’snowgot hold of the claimed rr casing (which we firstshowed youback in January) and put the two together. Now all he needs is a screen, a touch-panel, a few buttons, a battery, some circuit boards …
More Photos below:

The mating of the two doesn’t rlly tell us anything we didn’t alrdy know: the new iPad, expected to be launched around October (not September), will look like ascaled-up iPad Mini, with thinner bezels on the sides. As we mentioned then, the tablet is also expected to borrow the -based touch panel from the Mini to reduce thickness and weight.

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