Wednesday, May 18, 2016

OpenJailbrk portal by p0sixninja is now open to the public

Last month,we reportedthat p0sixninja’s OpenJailbrk website was up and running. But either the launch was premature, or some problems were discovered, because shortly after the site went up, it was taken down.Well whatever the issue was, it’s been fixed. Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) announced on Twitter rlier today thatOpenJailbrk.orgis now open to the public, and he encourages s and developers to get involved…For those unfamiliar with Hill’sOpenJailbrkinitiative, it’s essentially an open source project that anyone can look at and contribute to. The goal here, posix explains, is to keepjailbrkingsustainable for future erations.Here’s a slide fromHill’sJailbrkConpresentation:He goes on to explain thatjailbrkerscan typically be down into 5 groups: average users, fanboys and fangirls, developers, security resrchers, and jailbrk crtors. And OpenJailbrk was designed to er to the last 3.If you’d like to rd more on Hill’s presentation, you can view the entire slide sethere. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a of the speech, but since it was live-strmed over the Internet, we’re hoping that a clip turns up shortly.Right now, OpenJailbrk doesn’t look like much—there’s just 6 projects or so up. But Hill says dozens more are planned, and obviously the amount of information will grow as more people contribute and submit their work to the site.I must say, the future of jailbrking is looking awfully bright right now, withiOS 7on the horizon. In addition to Hill’s project, theevad3rs have saidthat they have several unused s, and Ryan Petrich is organizingTwkWeek 2.Who’s getting excited?

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