Wednesday, May 18, 2016

of blue iPhone 5C assembled and running

The Chinese technology blog C Technology over the past week posted purported shots of theiPhone 5C packagingas well as an alleged of thefully assembled and powered onred plasticiPhone 5Cvariant, running the stock iOS 7 Safari browser.Monday morning, the blog posted another apparently depicting a light blue iPhone 5C in action, running iOS 7. The short clip takes us through the Home screen, user interface transitions, Safari tabs, the Lock screen and other aspects of ’s redesigned mobile operating system…I’m sorry, the isn’t embeddable so you’ll have tohop over to C Technologyand come back here to join us in comments.UPDATE 1: we have a YouTube version up, courtesy of the French The re-captured clip has some frames missing – that’s why the animations don’t appr as smooth as you’d expect – so make sure to check out the YouKu (China’s YouTube) smoother version before commenting.UPDATE 2: the C Technology website apprs to be currently down. Good thing NowhereElse immediately captured that .Your takway, based on C Technology’s original clip: the iOS 7 user interface apprs to run smoothly on this supposed iPhone 5C unit. This matches up with analyst reports that describe the device as basically an iPhone 5 hardware redesigned around a polycarbonate plastic enclosure.There’s definitely an A6 chip inside this thing.What do you think?

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