Wednesday, May 18, 2016

now limiting access to iWork for iCloud Beta due to high demand

This past weekend launched iWork for iCloud Betato developers and non-developers alike, who could check out the suite as long as they had a valid ID account set up to use iCloud on iOS devices. The web apps have reportedly garnered lots of interest, so much so that the company on Monday was forced to limit access to iWork for iCloud.In other words, ’s online productivity suite has alrdy become too popular, even though it’s currently in beta.Attempting to sign up for the service yields an error prompt with the message saying,“We’ve had an overwhelming response”to iWork for iCloud apps…Existing users can continue using the service despite high demand (thanks, Thomas!).The official iWork for iCloud launch is expected this Fall.In addition to Pages, note and s, through the iCloud interface offers other web apps, namely Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Find My iPhone. has recentlyrevamped the iCloud websiteto bring those web apps in line with the overall iOS 7 look and feel, sans the iWork apps which should be flattened soon – at lst on the iOS side.It’s been nrly three yrs since issued a major update to iWork Mac apps, excluding a minor update eight months ago, so we’re expecting some news on that frontcome September 10or later in the yr.The company may soon make iWork and iLife iOS apps free in order to give itsusers fewer rsons to consider rival platforms,one rumor claimed. Currently,iWork apps sell for $19.99 ch on the Mac App Store and $9.99 ch on the App Store. announcediWork for iCloud during June’s WWDC note, with accessinitially restrictedto ’s registered developers. After the company begandogfooding the softwareto its own employees, iWork for iCloud Betaopened to select non-developersin July and to theeral public last week.

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