Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NFL iOS app updated for the 2013-14 sson, adds Verizon-only strming

As first noted by AllThingsD, The National Football ue has updated its iOS software for the upcoming NFL sson. Among other changes, the official NFL Mobile 8.0 app boasts a revamped apprance, with stats and data updated for the 2013-14 sson. As the new version now combines two previously standalone apps, one from the NFL itself and the other by Verizon, it comes with a premium strming fture – but only if you’re a Verizon iPhone owner.Jailbrkers should proceed with caution as the new app isn’t supported onjaildevices.If you’re into professional American football, you’re probably aware that the2013 NFL regular sson opens Thursday, September 5 (the Baltimore Ravens are playing against the Broncos in Denver). I’ve included more details about the new NFL Mobile 8.0 app after the brk…Peter Kafka writing on theAllThingsDblog notes that peoplewatching a live NFL game on their device are“dling directly with the ue instd of going through Verizon, even though Verizon retains control of NFL mobile rights”.Here’s the blurb:As the brand new, redesigned and rebuilt official app of the NFL, NFL Mobile is built to bring football right to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Brking News, Highlights, Live Game Scores, Custom Tm News, follow your Fantasy Football Tm, and more!In addition to on-demand , the app includes updated player and tm scores and statistics for the 2013-14 sson, custom alerts for tm highlights, game start time, injuries, entry into the red zone and scoring plays.Another notable change: SessionM mPOINTS have been removed from NFL Mobile 8.0, butcan be redeemedvia other SessionM appliions.Interestingly enough, iTunes mentions the app is“not supported on jail devices”.NFL Mobile 8.0 can be download free from theApp Store.The software is also available onAndroid,andBlackBerry.

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