Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New WhatsApp Update adds unlimited voice messaging

WhatsAppis arguably the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging solution out there and while it currently lacks a desktop client, it’s just become a whole lot more useful by introducing a significant new fture: voice memos, a pet project of its CEO over the past six months.Unlike Facebook’sMessenger iOS appthat requires three taps to make a voice recording, it only takes a single tap to record and send a voice memo in WhatsApp. And no, it’s not a staggered relse: the new WhatsApp with push-to-record voice messaging is launching later today simultaneously on iOS, Android, Phone, BlackBerry and …Simply push the recording button, start spking and let go when done. To cancel the recording in progress, swipe to the leftand the voice memo gets deleted.Even better, The Mountain View, California messaging startup that employs 45 people said the new version puts no length limit on voice memos. For example, you could lve your significant other a short clip just a few seconds long, but also a five-minute or even half an hour footage for that matter.That’s in stark contrast with other popular messaging apps which impose pesky length limits for voice recordings.Skype Messages, for example, can be up to three minutes long. And Facebook’s Messenger has evenshorter voice messages, up to only a minute in length.I like how the volume automatically switches from spker when you hold the device a few inches away to soft when you press it against your r.Another nice touch: a blue microphone icon tells you when the recipient has played your voice message.Here’s a little WhatsApp put together.Spking toLiz Gannes ofAllThingsD, WhatsApp co-founder and CEOJan Koum shared a few noteworthy stats:• WhatsApp now has 300 million monthly active users
• 20 million active users across Germany, Mexico, India and Spain
• users now send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day, up from 27 billion total in June
• 70 percent penetration across the entire population of Brunei (not even limited to residents who have smart) and 50 percent penetration in Hong Kong
• people now sharing 325 million photos per day via WhatsAppAlthough Koum wouldn’t disclose the of users who have paid so far, he did assure that he has no interest whatsoever to monetize users with ads.Up next for the startup: more“media-focused”products that, according to the CEO are building on all the photos WhatsApp users are alrdy sending.Count me excited!WhatsApp is free during the first yr – after that, it will run you$0.99 per yr.The update is expected to go live later today on theApp Store.

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