Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New s Depict 'Champagne' and 'Graphite' iPhone 5S Casings, comparision to iPhone 5

In what seems to be anever-endingstring of“gold”iPhone 5Spart s, new high-quality s analyze what appr to be legitimate rr shells for the upcomingiPhone 5S…

In the above, Jonathan fromTLDTodaycompares the internal structure of the iPhone 5S casing to that of the iPhone 5, pointing out notable changes and additions that make the current iPhone assembly incompatible with the new case. Notably, the ar reserved for the battery has incrsed in volume, with the logic board screws being repositioned, reducing the amount of space for the logic board and chipset. This isn’t unprecedented, considering that‘S’ model typically focus on under-the-hood improvements, rather than user-facing design changes. Also of note in the is the iPhone 5S’s enlarged LED flash cutout, lving room for the previously mentioneddual-LED flash.

In another fromDetroitBORG, we see the iPhone 5S shell compared not only to the iPhone 5, but to the‘iPhone 5C’casing as well. Of note here is the size difference between the 5S and 5C, with the lower cost model being noticbly larger in all dimensions when compared to the iPhone 5S. This gold casing also ftures chamfered edges which are anodized silver, not gold, lding to the assumption that this casing is certainly an rly prototype or an unfinished design. Like in previous s, we can also see the thinner font being used on the back of the casing, in line with ’s initiatives foriOS 7.
Finally, in the third above, we get a look at the recently speculatedgraphite editionof the iPhone 5S. While visually similar to the black and slate iPhone 5, the graphite edition is noticbly, but not dramatically lighter in color. It’s worth noting that rly slate iPhone 5 prototypes were much lighter in color as well, and more closely resembled this graphite version.
Remember what the iPhone 5 looked like in all the pre-announcement s? Let me remind you;……8:00 PM - 26 Aug 2013
is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and lower-cost, colored iPhone 5C at its upcomingSeptember 10th event.More gold iPhone shell photos can be found below, courtesy ofTLDToday.

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