Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New photo of alleged iPhone 5S Home button part could point to fingerprint sensor

As theSeptember 10 iPhone eventdraws nrer, pundits have begun to cast their final predictions for what ftures ’s next smartphone will possess. A faster processor seems like a given, as do abetter cameraand newgold colorway, but what else?A lot of folks also think thatthe iPhone 5Swill have a fingerprint scanner built into its Home button. It’s beenreported by analystson several occasions, and evidence of it surfacedin iOS 7, but we have yet to see any rl concrete proof. Until now?French blogNowhereelse.frpoints toa new Home button flex cable that has recently surfaced online that may finally offer tangible evidence of the long-rumored fingerprint scanner. It’s more complex than that of the iPhone 5, with many new components.And it’s believed that these new components may be relatedto fingerprint sensor functionality. Add to this the fact thatthe part has an identifier (821-2092-01) in line with past components, and apprs to have been made in mid-July, and things get interesting.So why would you want a fingerprint scanner in your Home button? Everythingwe’ve hrd thus farmakes it sound like it will be used, at first at lst, to unlock your device. But the possibilities are endless: replacement, mobile payments—you name it.Of course, we won’t rlly know for sure what has in mind for the fture until it officially announces the iPhone 5S next week. The phone is expected to launch alongside a less expensive handset,the iPhone 5C, in several countries onSeptember 20.

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