Wednesday, May 18, 2016

'Jobs' Makes $6.7 Million in Opening Weekend, Below Distributor Projections

TheJobs starring Ashton Kutcher as ’s ledary co-founder Steve Jobs has opened with disappointing revenues and bombed at the box this weekend. Specifically, the flick pulled in just shy of seven million dollars domestically, rning it the seventh place at the box . This is one of Kutcher’s lowest openings ever andhardly a success knowing the figure fell short of the $8-9 million distributor Open Road s was hoping to rake in.And as ifmixed reviewsweren’t enough, the has failed to impress the trusted review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes which gave it a rating of just 25 percent…Jobshit 2,381 screens across the United States this weekend and took in an estimated $6.7 million, according toBox Mojo.That’sless than one-third as much as theSocial Network, another biopic (sort of) focused on depicting the difficulties co-founder Mark Zuckerberg faced building Facebook and how the social networking giant came to be.According to Box Mojo:Jobs had plenty of issues, including awful reviews and a comedy star playing dramatic (almost never a good id).Most important, though, was the ’s apparent tonal issues: while plenty of people enjoy their products, the deifiion of Steve Jobs is a bit of a turn off. Jobs received a wk “B-” CinemaScore, and all indiions are that it will disappr from thters quickly.According toRotten Tomatoes,Jobshad a rating at post of just 25 percent “fresh”.It didn’t help thatrly employees Daniel Kottke and Bill Fernandezblastedthe ’s inaccuracies for the sake of dramatic appl. Here’s ’s other co-founder, Steve Wozniak, slamming the flick in an interview withBloomberg .
“I wasn’t entertained by Kutcher’s Jobs ,”he quipped.It’s worth noting that Woz is being paid by another studio to help support their upcoming Steve Jobs , but he insists that“my principles aren’t affected by the money”.Woz also trash-talked the in aGizmodointerview.Cody went to seeJobsandwas only half-impressed: he praised Kutcher’s acting in terms of the look, the mannerisms and the walk of Steve Jobs, but had issues with the voice (“I kept hring Kelso from That 70′s Show telling me to ‘think different’”).I haven’t seen the yet, but don’t necessarily think it files as a flop.The nrly $7 million in opening weekend revenue – though short of distributors’ expectations – isn’t that bad given the ’s production budget was just over $12 million.Have you seen the yet?If so, did you like it?

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