Wednesday, May 18, 2016

launches more intuitive Care support website, 24/7 chat

rlier this month a reliableblogger asserted would be making changes to its support website. The new experience was to be focused on a simpler and clner design that’s iOS-friendly socustomers could access the many support materials and browse the various sections comfortably from their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.Sure enough, and right on cue, this morning has started rolling out a redesigned Support websitewith non-stop live chat support.The redesign calls for large thumbnails providing sy access tothe product hubs, such as Macs, iTunes, iPods, i, iPads and more, with ch section containing a wlth of related support materials, like downloads, manuals, frequently asked questions and lots more…According to9to5Mac, the prettified Support pages now prominently advertise 24/7 chat support, which gives customers the ability to chat with a live at, using an iOS-friendly web interface.Web chat was previously there, but you couldn’t chat with a live atat any time of day or night. Besides, did a stellar job of hiding the fture so it couldn’t be accessed until all other support venues have been fully explored.As you can see on the below screenie, live chat is now rdily accessible via the redesigned Contact Support link.9to5Mac explains:On the topic of live chat support, we’re told that 24/7 chat support has begun rolling out. Initially, the support was limited to certain hardware and software, but now is supporting both Mac and iOS Device support at every hour of the day and night.Furthermore, ch support section is product-specific and only contains links and materials pertaining to your gadget. For example, here’s what the revamped landing page for the iPhone support looks like.Not everyone may be seeing the new UI as these things take time to propagate so give it a while and then try again if you’re stuck with the old interface.I’m liking the new UI a lot and think it was a high time did something about the mess that was Support on the web. The company is also said to berolling out the rumored iPhone trade-in programnext month to incentivize users into replacing their old handsets and upgrade to the latest and grtest iPhone.Along the same lines, actually startedrepairing iOS devicesback in June and as of recently offersin-store$149 replacement screens for the iPhone 5.Finally, as part of itsblockbuster Fallthe company is expected to make rather substantialchanges toCare policies, switching from a one-time payment to a subscription-based model. As part of the change, is said to be soon attaching the warranty to the customer rather than a particular device.

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